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The ENNUI Elite Yellow helmet is a standout choice for action sports enthusiasts, offering unparalleled protection in a bright, lightweight package. Developed over nearly three years, ENNUI has perfected a manufacturing process that sets this helmet apart. Utilizing an innovative « over injected honeycomb skeleton » technique, the helmet achieves remarkable strength and durability. Unlike traditional helmets made of EPS foam, the ENNUI Elite Yellow helmet features a unique construction that combines an EPS honeycomb skeleton with PVC injection. This not only enhances strength but also ensures a lightweight, low-volume design, eliminating bulkiness while maintaining safety and comfort.

Compared to conventional helmets, which are typically made by injecting EPS foam into molds or assembling separate parts with an ABS or PVC shell, the ENNUI Elite Yellow helmet offers superior performance and protection. Designed for action sports enthusiasts who crave high-performance gear, this helmet is perfect for those who push their limits and go big. Plus, it complies with the European safety standard for bicycle helmets, providing peace of mind for riders of all levels. Don’t settle for less when it comes to safety and style—choose the ENNUI Elite Yellow helmet for your next adventure.

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